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The land of Arabela and Devil’s extreme race

It is long time ago when i was first invited to this place by Slovenian kayaking legend Skubin saying that this is the best kayaking festival in the world, going on beside this river, where the dam is released just once per year. And then this normally quiet little stream becomes a super fun class 3-4 brown pee. This weekend all Czech people even the ones who live outside Czech borders gather for this special occasion for lots of paddling and beer…Read More

5 Jan 2016 13:33:12 By urednik urednik extreme race, RIVER STORIES,
The Jungle and Amazing Rivers
2Last year after completing the Argentinian-Chilean kayak tour, which was accompanied by a very nice weather, some rain and clouds we decided that our next year adventure is going to be somewhere in the tropical climate! At first the dice fell on Costa Rica but a week later we decided for Colombia, mostly because of the connection there-the French Jouls Domine and his stories about epic kayaking adventures.Read More
9 Dec 2015 21:41:20 By Andrej Bijuklic extreme race, RIVER STORIES,
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